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Temporary Building Envelopes

Global Wrap® is the original shrink wrap company, that invented the shrink wrap process which provides a drum-tight, seamless, fire retardant weather containment for steel and concrete structures. Our services help keep you on the critical path to completion. Global Wrap®’s building enclosures can be shrink wrapped in their entirety or level by level. This allows for the removal of the containment a section at a time as the curtain walls are installed. For fireproofing purposes, we can even install the containment off the face of the steel. Access doors can be installed at various locations.​

Global Wrap® is also proud of its EMR of 0.76, which is another reason why Global Wrap is the shrink wrap contractor of choice. Add up the hidden costs of tarps blowing in the wind, failures, labor, materials, heat loss, and down time, and you will see why more and more construction contractors are turning to Global Wrap®.


When Global Wrap® was called in by a national contractor for a high security complex project less than a hundred yards from the ocean, we knew we were in for a difficult containment. They required that the containment was placed four feet off the steel for fireproofing and equipment movement within the containment. Global Wrap® designed and installed the containment, while working with the General Contractor and subcontractors during the ensuing schedule changes and delays. We completed the contract on time and have worked for the same General Contractor year after year.

Want to learn more about specific application for Shrink Wrap Buildings ?

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