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“The First Shrink Wrap Contractor”

In 1980, Anthony Seraphin and James Talbot founded the first boat shrink wrapping company, using the patent that was granted to Mr. Talbot.  Shortly thereafter, they received the patent for shrink wrapping aircraft. Over the years, Global Wrap® has provided a service for the shrink wrapping of large objects for shipping and storage, including aircraft, generators, and anything that requires weather protection. Our system protects large objects that can now be shipped on decks of cargo ships instead of below in the hull, saving thousands of dollars for the shipper.

Global Wrap® has used the process of shrink wrapping for almost anything needing containment, including the largest crane in the world-- the Titan on the Panama Canal.  When you need something protected from the weather or for over the road transportation, call the company that is the first shrink wrap contractor and offers nationwide service.

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