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What is Building Shrink Wrap?

Building shrink wrap is the process of installing a specialized plastic material to create a protective enclosure around construction buildings or structures.  This method effectively shields the building from external elements, contaminants, dust, and debris, ensuring a controlled environment for work to proceed efficiently.  The tightly sealed barrier formed by building shrink wrap safeguards the interior from the influence of outside factors, contributing to enhanced project quality and progress.

Why Shrink Wrap a Building?

Common tarps fail due to wind exposure

Weather Protection: It shields the construction site from adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, sleet, and wind, allowing work to continue even in inclement weather.

Uninterrupted Trades: Shrink wrapping a building ensures that various trades can work without interruption, allowing for smoother coordination and faster project completion.

Schedule Adherence: It helps keep construction projects on schedule by providing a predictable and controlled work environment, reducing the impact of weather-related delays.

Cost Savings: Building shrink wrap can reduce the costs associated with weather-related delays, equipment downtime, and cleanup efforts. It also helps minimize the impact of weather-related bank interest on construction loans.

Safety: It prevents debris, dust, and contaminants from escaping the construction area, creating a safer and cleaner work environment for construction crews.

Global Wrap® is the original shrink wrap company. We invented the shrink wrapping process for building enclosure, which provides a drum-tight, seamless, fire retardant weather protection containment for steel and concrete structures. Global Wrap®’s shrink wrap building enclosures can be installed over the entire structure, or level by level. 


Shrink wrapping buildings for weather protection is an economical method to keep the heat in and the rain, snow and wind out, which will allow the trades to keep working. The temporary enclosure also keeps debris inside protecting the exterior environment. Our services help keep your project on the critical path to completion. 

Temporary Building Enclosures

Temporary Curtain Walls - FleX Walls©

Global Wrap installs FleX-Walls floor by floor, which enables the glaziers to cut away a section at a time to install the permanent curtain walls by sections each day and to seal off by night. The Global Wrap FleX-Walls can withstand high winds and are installed once, unlike tarps that fail many times during high winds and add to the hidden cost of the project.

Temporary containment wall installed with shrink wrap
Floor by floor weather containment walls
Exterior protection wall installed by shrink wrap contractor Global Wrap



  • The best in weather protection
  • No more tarps blowing in the wind
  • Saves money on the hidden costs of tarp failures, labor, materials and schedule delays
  • Saves the heat loss costs
  • Allows natural light in
  • Fast to install
  • Add your company logo to the film
  • Withstand high winds
  • Welded seams, no leakage
  • Attractive appearance
  • Professional crews
  • Recyclable film
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