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What is the Global Wrap® Netting System?

When your re-roofing project entails a deteriorating roof deck, you have the possibility of debris falling down in the interior of building. Global Wrap® installs dust and debris ceiling containments, but they are only good for the impact protection at pressure up to ten pounds per hundred square feet. If there is a possibility of heavier weight falling down, debris netting is called for and the dust containment is installed below it. Debris netting comes in many strengths, and Global Wrap® will assist in recommending the right one. 


  • Excellent debris barrier 
  • Turnkey solution
  • Keep critical path to completion 
  • Cost effective
  • Meets safety standards

Global Wrap® Netting System Is For Your Re-Roofing Job.

Global Wrap® Netting System is used on job sites, big or small. Our system uses American-made construction safety netting to keep you on schedule and in compliance. We use nets that maintain strict manufacturing standards to ensure the highest product quality.

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