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Quick Shelters

Global Wrap® designs and installs temporary structures for storage, on-site workshops, or to build a smaller building within a temporary building during the winter.

Global Wrap® installed their first temporary buildings, Quick Shelters©, in the Armenian earthquake area in 1988, and then again in 1990 with an earthquake in Iran. These temporary buildings, Quick Shelters© were used for housing and emergency medical centers. With this experience, the company began designing and installing various forms of  temporary buildings for various markets. The company works with structural engineers on many projects to design the building to withstand high winds, snow and ice. 


Global Wrap® can also build a structure around the object needing weather protection.  They have been used for onsite paint shops, the storage of aircraft and equipment, even for soil reclamation projects for the environmental industry. 

If the solution is a temporary building, think Global Wrap® and see the cost savings over rigid structures.  

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