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Since 1980, the management of Global Wrap® has led the way in developing specialty construction and disaster containments.  Global Wrap® continues to meet the demands of the markets it serves by listening to the needs of the client, designing the solution and successfully installing it.



In 1980, Anthony Seraphin partnered alongside James Talbot, who received the U.S. patent that started the shrink wrapping of boats.  The company developed the blue and white film seen in marinas across America and Canada and is also the standard for the shipment of pleasure boats. They next received the patent for the shrink wrapping of aircraft, covering the first Apache helicopters for the U.S. Army which is now the standard for shipping and storing aircraft.

In 1988, Anthony Seraphin led an American relief team into the epi-center of the Armenian Earthquake where they built Quick Shelters© to get the people out of the subfreezing temperatures when their homes had been utterly destroyed.


In 1990 Mr. Seraphin did the same in the Iranian Earthquake.


In 1994, Global Wrap® used this process to develop the system to shrink wrap new buildings under construction during the winter in order to keep the heat in, the trades working, and the projects on their critical paths to completion. This revolutionized the temporary building envelope needs for weather protection. In this same year, Global Wrap® installed the first shrink wrap Class 1 environmental containment for asbestos and lead abatement projects. 

In 1995, Global Wrap invented the shrink wrapping of roofs damaged by water, hail and fire; the company has been the dynamic in every major hurricane since. Within the same year, the organization was brought onto the project for the Oklahoma City Bombing. Global Wrap was the first company cleared by the FBI to wrap structures across the Murrah Federal Building to contain the asbestos leaking on the rescue workers.

In 2005 Global Wrap® spent three months shrink wrapping buildings and roof decks after Hurricane Katrina.

In 2010, Global Wrap® installed a Class 1 environmental containment on the Titan Crane on the Panama Canal to capture the lead particulates from falling into the water, 347’ below.

Global Wrap continues to develop new applications and ancillary products to improve the system now serving the construction of Interior Protection and Environmental Industries. Many Fortune 500 companies needing our help for their ecological needs.



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