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Temporary Construction Containments, Scaffolding Containments



High winds, snow, sleet and ice work against the critical path of a project in the northern states, while the southern states face heavy rains and winds where mold is the enemy. This doesn’t only impact the integrity of the scaffold set up, but the building being constructed, renovated or repaired.

Shrink Wrapping is an effective and reliable solution for covering scaffolding; which is one of the strongest temporary containments that withstands huge winds, gust and keeps the containment intact and the trades working.


Shrink wrapping scaffolding protects the environment against the contaminated dust particles and debris released into the climate generated during mitigation projects unlike tarps that blow open in the wind, global wrap has one continuous containment with sealed seams which can cause traps to blow open and away


Global Wrap® introduced the system to shrink wrap scaffolding with its drum-tight, fire retardant, seamless and recyclable film used in the construction industry for environmental containment and weather protection applications.

Global Wrap® works only with scaffolding companies that understand full containment and the need for stabilizing and protecting the scaffolding against strong winds. After 40 years of developing applications for the construction and environmental industries, Global Wrap® understands high winds and what it takes to overcome them.  With a safety EMR of 0.77, the company also understands the importance of safety, and the need for the PE stamp on the scaffolding. When scaffolding is used for environmental abatements, Global Wrap® provides a True Class I Containment.

Only Global Wrap® can meet all the containment needs of contractors and do it safely using the best methods and OSHA trained technicians. We also can provide you with a turnkey quote for the scaffolding.

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