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Global Wrap’s proprietary interior protection walls are fire retardant, seamless and the material is recyclable.


Our Global Wrap Floor Care System specializes in polish concrete, epoxy floor, underlayment, overlayment, and self-leveling. Along with our dust protection, we can help you with any flooring or environmental containment challenge.


Our polished concrete floors can be cleaned with soap & water, waxing is unnecessary, and save upwards of 20% in electricity costs. Our customers choose a polished concrete floor because it has little to no maintenance, it’s slip-resistant, and it’s the safest flooring system in the USA.


Epoxy flooring is a type of synthetic resin floor system that is laid on top of concrete substrates as a form of protection and decoration. Epoxy flooring creates an instant eye-catching “Wow” factor. Epoxy floors create sparkles and a depth of color that cannot be created with other flooring products.  In addition, the resin components have a tremendous increase in tensile strength, compressive strength, and abrasion resistance compared to that of tile, hardwoods, and polished concrete.


We also can perform underlayments, overlayments, & self-leveling. Underlayments are a thin topping designed to level out and smooth imperfections in the concrete substrate. They lay as a flat base prior to installation of carpet, tile, vinyl, and other floor coverings. They repair resurfaces that are cracked, pitted, and uneven. Concrete overlays are designed to cover up a less attractive existing floor system providing a smooth, seamless surface that is aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, we perform our self-leveling service by pouring and smoothing out over the entire flooring surface to bring the floor up to an even consistent level. Self-leveling concrete is an ideal choice if you have concrete floors that are uneven, sloped for drainage, or damaged.


Global Wrap® Dust Containment Systems© are the solution for re-construction dust containments. This can be combined with our flooring system and Global Wrap can design and build onsite, the most difficult silica dust containments in the industry. “When it comes to dust infiltration and finding the solution to stop it during retrofitting, reconstruction and renovations, relying on the most trusted name in environmental containments. Global Wrap can give you the arrangement rapidly, securely and economically. 

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