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EnviorSEAM, Global Wrap

The Breakaway System


After 2 years of intense research and development, Global Wrap®s Breakaway System©, the interior protection industries first environmentally friendly product obtained the UL approval. Global Wrap® is excited to offer this new UL APPROVED product that will safely focus on applications beneath fire sprinkler systems.

The Breakaway System© meets the National Fire Protection Association requirements that refer to the expanded the drop ceiling portion of NFPA13 to include reference to the specialized membrane materials below sprinkler systems. 




  • Meets the NFPA requirements 

  • UL tested and approved link system

  • Safe and Effective

  • Addressing safety concerns for Suspended Ceilings installed beneath the sprinkler system

  • Heat Activated Technology for seam release and dissolve at high temperatures, allowing sprinklers to fully function, unencumbered to put out fires

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