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No More Tarps Blowing in the Wind! Global Wrap® Kept the New Condominium's Interior Protected from Wind.

Project Overview

A new condominium in Philadelphia needed a temporary building envelope solution for winter work. The scope called for shrink wrapping the entire steel structure, roof deck to foundation.

Project Size

Twenty Six Floors

Project Duration

Three Weeks


In order for the project to stay on its critical path to completion, the slabs had to be an ambient temperature for the concrete pours on each floor. Then the interior construction could begin.


Global Wrap’s shrink wrap system kept the structure’s interior protected from wind and snow by keeping the heat in and the trades working on schedule.


No more hidden costs from failed tarps and production on schedule.

"Job well done. Global Wrap® does pay for itself in savings over tarps and delays from tarps failing in the winds. "

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