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Airport dome made of shrink wrap during construction
Shrink Wrap Dome


Global Wrap® can design and install numerous kinds of protective domes for weather protection. Weather is uncontrollable, and this can lead to friable particles escaping into the environment during a lead or asbestos abatement project, but Global Wrap® can solve that. For decades we have provided temporary domes for construction and environmental projects across the country. Time is always of the essence, which is why Global Wrap® sets the standard in keeping projects on the critical path to completion. No height is too tall, nor dome too wide for the experienced crews at Global Wrap®. With over 30 years of experience, Global Wrap® is the clear choice for temporary construction domes.

Some Global Wrap Shrink Wrap Domes

West Virginia State Capitol Dome
Carpenters Hall, Philadelphia
Norman, OK High School
United Nations General Assembly Dome
Warehouse in Texas after a Tornado

West Virginia State Capitol 2022
On this project, canvas tarps were originally installed over the entire dome.  A storm came through and destroyed the tarps, leaving the new coating at the mercy of the elements.  Global Wrap, the oldest shrink wrap contractor and inventor of the process, was called in on short notice to shrink wrap the dome during constant high winds and rain.  The job was completed and a week later a tornado came through the area bringing extreme high winds, Global Wrap withstood the winds and the project went forward.


Carpenters Hall, Philadelphia 1996
When Carpenter's Hall needed reroofing the scaffold contractor called in Global Wrap to install the scaffold shrink wrap.  They knew Global Wrap as the leading shrink wrap contractor and entrusted the project to them. 

The First Shrink Wrap Dome 1996
A tornado ripped through Norman OK, taking the roof off the local high school.  The insurance carrier called in Global Wrap to install their shrink wrap dome over the roof deck so the roofer could install the new roof.

The United Nations 2008
When the dome over the General Assembly meeting hall began leaking, causing plaster to begin falling down into the hall, they shut the hall down and called in the leading national shrink wrap contractor, Global Wrap, to shrink wrap the dome.    

Tornado 2010
A tornado in Texas took two sections of the roof off and blew down two walls.  Global Wrap was called in to install our shrink wrap domes and temporary curtain walls.  When it comes to disaster containments, call in the leading national shrink wrap contractor.


Sports Entertainment Venue 2022

This dome was installed to provide protection for multiple parts of this sports entertainment venue.  It serves as exterior protection for a wall on the side, and also protects the interior area underneath of it.

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