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Global Wrap's Temporary Dust Barrier Wall
Dust Barrier Wall Installed to Maintain Clean Workspace

Global Wrap’s proprietary interior protection walls are fire retardant, seamless and the material is recyclable.


For over four decades, our expertly crafted temporary dust barrier walls have been the cornerstone of uninterrupted operations for valued clients during remodeling and renovation endeavors.  Our solutions extend across the construction sector, encompassing a wide range of projects such as re-flooring, concrete cutting, industrial floor coatings, equipment installations, repairs, and meticulous restoration work.

Our adaptable system can be tailored to precise project requirements, accommodating essential features like doorways, man-doors, tunnels, and air filtration setups.

At Global Wrap®, we take pride in our track record of delivering exceptional results.  Our temporary dust barrier walls have shielded the operations of esteemed Fortune 500 companies, spanning industries such as chemicals, food and beverage, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

Benefits of Global Wrap's Temporary Construction Dust Barrier Walls

  • No water, dust, debris, or unwanted odor penetration.

  • Healthy dust free work zone to protect; employees, the public, and equipment.

  • Maintains a clean, safe, and professional environment.

  • Prevents mold and bacterial growth to avoid recalls.

  • Provides relief to construction workers from heat.

  • Cost-effective.

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