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Mitigate the Loss with Global Wrap®

Global Wrap® has been in every hurricane since 1993. We have saved thousands of homes and businesses from further damage and insurance claims.  The company has also been in earthquakes in San Francisco, Armenia and Iran.

Oklahoma City Bombing 

Oklahoma City Bombing

Two days after  the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995, Global Wrap was cleared and brought down to the epicenter of the blast in the front of the Federal Building, where the crater was more than forty yards wide in circumference. Global Wrap’s job was to contain the asbestos blowing out on the workers below from the buildings across the street where the roofs were pealed back, releasing asbestos particulates into the air.

Emergency Shrink Wrap Roof Containment

Whether there is a deck or just the rafters, we can mitigate the loss by encapsulating the open areas. Our emergency services stop the loss from growing when the interior of a structure is open to the elements and exposure to mold growth. Global Wrap was in New Orleans for Katrina over two months wrapping up schools, hospitals and other commercial properties.

Global Wrap Roofing
Global Wrap Roofing

Temporary Curtain Walls - FleX Walls©

Temporary Curtain Walls- FleX Walls, Global Wrap
Temporary Curtain Walls- FleX Walls, Global Wrap
Temporary Curtain Walls- FleX Walls, Global Wrap

Temporary Buildings

Global Wrap® is the original shrink wrap contractor that travels to disaster sites.  We can erect a temporary building to be used for storage, or temporary work shop. Global Wrap® works with structural engineers on many projects to design the building to withstand high winds, snow and ice. 

Temporary Buildings, Global Wrap, Shrink Wrap

When a wall is damaged, Global Wrap® can quickly install its FleX-Wall system to close up the opening and protection the interior from further damage or excessive business interruption.

Quick Shelters©

Global Wrap® installed the first Quick Shelters©,  in the Armenian earthquake area in 1988, and again in the 1990 earthquake in Iran. These Quick Shelters© were used for housing and emergency medical centers, and got the people out of the subfreezing temperatures when their homes had been utterly destroyed. 

Quick Shelters, Global Wrap, Shrink Wrap
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