Since our first application in 1990, we have made Temporary Suspended Ceilings to contain dust and debris during reroofing projects. Over these 32-plus years, Global Wrap® has contributed to the interior protection industry by innovations and products used throughout the industry worldwide. 

Global Wrap Helps Operations Continue During a Reroofing Project

We install a temporary ceiling underneath the roof deck and completely seal off gaps to catch the maximum amount of falling contaminants.  Our system goes against the rafters or trusses of the roofing structure or we can install it underneath any lights.

When it comes to a re-roofing project, there are potential challenges that can arise

  • Contaminants can get into the facility, like debris, dust, pieces of metal and parts of the roof deck.

  • Products, equipment, and people inside the facility can be affected if debris falls from the ceiling.

  • Dust related health issues can arise along with silica dust and asbestos issues.

  • Your reputation can be damaged and you could be liable if you apply an unprofessional dust containment system.

 We Meet all Safety and Technical Standards

Global Wrap’s system is fire retardant, water-resistant, and UV-treated. Our UL approved and patented system also has a heat release process that enables smoke to reach your fire sprinklers in the rare event of a fire. Global Wrap meets all safety standards and every requirement of the International Fire and Building Codes.


Global Wrap employs only OSHA trained installers and holds one of the highest EMR ratings in the construction industry. For over 32 years, we have been serving the roofing and construction sectors with their interior protection needs safely and competently.

We Have the Expertise to Offer Other Services in Addition to Temporary Ceilings

Depending on the technical requirements of the job, we can also install netting or perform high structure dust cleaning. Our netting system protects facilities from large pieces of falling debris. We also offer high structure dust cleaning to remove dust and debris that falls on any areas above or on the suspended ceiling.

 interior protection for dust and debris containments, Temporary Suspended Ceilings, Interior protection ceilings
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 interior protection for dust and debris containments, Temporary Suspended Ceilings, Interior protection ceilings