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Why Global Wrap

Global Wrap® Pays for Itself

- Save Money on Heating
- Save Finance Costs by Meeting Schedule
- Keep Project on Critical Path to Completion
- Keep Concrete Pours on Time
- Keep Trades Working Throughout Winter

Why Global Wrap


Global Wrap®'s EMR is below the industry average, meaning we maintain a safe work environment for our workers and our clients, it also means lower insurance costs. We are then able to pass those savings onto our clients. Safety is a priority for us, it’s one of the many ways we lower costs for our customers.

Why Global Wrap


Global Wrap® crews are safe, highly trained in their profession and responsible. The company invented the process and continues to improve the many applications the process has been used in. All materials are of the highest standard and our Safety EMR is something we deeply value and work to improve on year after year.   

Global Wrap® uses recyclable materials and commits to establishing, promoting, maintaining and improving a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility by staff, vendors, and broader stakeholders in the environment.

Why Global Wrap


Global Wrap® enclosure systems keep the contractor on its critical path to completion when inclement weather is a key factor.  By using the Global Wrap® building wrap system or the temporary curtain wall system, the schedule has a more professional and higher rate of success than tarps blowing in the wind. These systems keep the heat in and the concrete pours and interior production on schedule. Lending institutions don't care about your schedule being off, the interest continues on down time.

Why Global Wrap


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