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Building Envelopes



Global Wrap® developed and installed the first temporary FleX-Walls© used for temporary curtain walls, floor by floor. We have over 37 years experience in developing new applications and improving the technology for the industry and material that Global Wrap® invented.  Global Wrap® has the experience and skill set to handle any job. Our proprietary temporary curtain wall system, FleX-Walls©,  keeps the heat in and the harsh winter elements out. In warmer climates, for example Miami’s summer heat, the company has worked keep the AC in and water out, when mold and humidity is a concern.  The objective is to keep production uninterrupted by foul weather and keep the critical path on target. The FleX- Walls© System allows for the daily removal of the temporary wall partitions section by section as the permanent curtain wall is installed. At the end of the day, the glazier adheres our temporary curtain wall to the finished edge.


Global Wrap®’s FleX- Walls©  can endure strong winds, winter weather, and maintain interior temperatures for concrete pours. This groundbreaking strategy has been implemented numerous times since its introduction in 2011. Global Wrap® spent the winter months of 2016-17 installing temporary curtain walls floor by floor and entire three story sections of a new hotel and casino in Washington, D.C. Our walls kept the contractor on its critical path to completion.


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