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Princeton, NJ - University - Temporary Curtain Walls

Category: Education

Size: 25,000 Square Feet

Job Story:

Global Wrap has recently had the pleasure of installing our shrink wrap temporary curtain walls at an esteemed educational campus in Princeton, NJ. Our mission was to install these walls to seal in warmth and keep the elements out, ensuring that interior work could continue on uninterrupted.

This project did not come without its challenges. The ever-changing dynamics of construction sites required immediate changes to our curtain wall placements. Each shift was a testament to our team's flexibility, ensuring that timelines and quality standards were met without interruption.

Our adaptability in the face of changing project demands and our dedication to delivering high-quality solutions are what set us apart. Our temporary curtain walls not only provide essential weather protection but also demonstrate our commitment to ensure project continuity and efficiency, regardless of external conditions.

We are immensely grateful to our longstanding customer for their continued trust in Global Wrap for their weather protection needs. Their choice to partner with us on critical projects is a testament to the strength of our relationship and the reliability of our solutions.

A construction building with weather protection shrink wrap curtain walls installed

A building under construction with a temporary wall made of shrink wrap


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