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Philadelphia, PA - Escalator Shrink Wrapped

An escalator covered in temporary shrink wrap film for protection.

Category: Specialty Projects

Size: 1,750 Square Feet

Job Story:

In our latest project, Global Wrap took on the task of protecting an escalator from dust and water while it awaited completion. This was a great opportunity for us to step outside our typical realm of shrink wrapping construction buildings and allowed us to demonstrate our versatility and dedication to our customers.

One of the main challenges of this project was the escalator's unique shape. This required a tailored approach to ensure that the entire escalator was protected by our shrink wrap. Our skilled team was able to create a plan an execute it efficiently, working around tight spaces to ensure that every inch of the escalator was covered.

We were also challenged with a tight schedule. To meet our client's urgent requirement, our team performed this installation on a Saturday, ensuring minimal delays and maximum efficiency. This quick turnaround was critical to the client, and we were proud to deliver on our promise of efficiency and reliability.

With most of our work being done on large-scale construction buildings, wrapping an escalator was a new and exciting challenge for Global Wrap. This work is a prime example of our commitment to providing unique and effective solutions, emphasizing our core mission of delivering innovative protection tailored to each client's specific needs. Our focus remains on safety, minimizing disruptions, and ensuring efficiency and adaptability in every project we undertake.


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