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Orlando, FL - Telecommunications - Interior Protection Temporary Suspended Ceilings

Category: Communication Technology

Size: 47,000 Square Feet

Job Story:

We recently had the opportunity to install our temporary suspended ceilings for a multinational telecommunications company in Orlando, FL. This project highlighted the importance of Global Wrap's interior protection solutions during a re-roofing project, keeping the facility safe and running throughout re-roofing.

Our team faced a few difficulties throughout the project, including working in extremely tight areas, navigating around drop ceilings, and maneuvering around thousands of fiber optic cables. We also had to coordinate with the roofer about where we needed to install our plastic each day to ensure the roofing operations were not interfered with. Despite these obstacles, our team efficiently installed our temporary suspended ceilings, safeguarding the facility and allowing operations to continue seamlessly.

We successfully completed the project on schedule, ensuring that both the facility and re-roofing operations continued without disruption. This project shows Global Wrap's ability to provide effective interior protection solutions in complex environments. We are very proud of this project and are excited to continue safeguarding facilities all over the nation, creating safe, efficient working environments.


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