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Ocala, Florida - Retail Distribution Center Mob 6 - Temporary Construction Wall

Category: Retail Distribution

Size: 10,000 Square Feet

Job Story:

In Ocala, Florida, our commitment to excellence shines once again. Witness how our large-scale shrink wrap curtain wall transformed this construction site, shielding it from wind, weather, and debris.

Our large-scale shrink wrap wall protected this distribution center from the elements, ensuring safety for the workers and the surrounding environment. Florida’s intense heat was a challenge during this project, but our dedicated crew faced it head-on, working 10-hour days to ensure this work was completed on time for our customer.

The quality of our solutions earned us multiple calls to install additional temporary construction walls on this jobsite from this satisfied customer. Even with a demanding schedule, we answered their call and worked weekends to meet their timeline needs.

To learn about our first mobilization for this project, click here.


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