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Miami, FL - University - Temporary Curtain Walls

Category: Education

Size: 63,000 Square Feet

Job Story:

Global Wrap is very proud to have once again partnered with a longstanding customer to provide our temporary dry-in solutions for a construction project at a prestigious university, ensuring their building's interior remained dry throughout the building process. Our skilled technicians installed our shrink wrap floor by floor throughout different areas on 12 levels of the building, creating temporary curtain walls and windows that protected the building from water intrusion and adverse weather conditions.

With the unpredictability of construction, our client's requirements changed throughout the project, requiring not only quick adaptation but also careful coordination with other trades working simultaneously on site. Our team efficiently wrapped additional areas and created openings on each floor for easy interior access, all while managing our timing to work seamlessly around the activities of other contractors, ensuring no disruptions to the project's timeline.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to continue working with our trusted clients, providing them with effective temporary dry-in solutions that keep their construction projects on their critical path to completion. This project stands out as one of our largest assignments in recent memory. Our team takes great pride in our ability to meet such significant demands, ensuring that our solutions contribute positively to the overall success of our client's projects.


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