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McKinney, TX - Aerospace and Defense Facility - Interior Protection Temporary Suspended Ceilings

Interior Protection installed for roofing project

Category: Government Defense

Size: 77,068 Square Feet

Job Story:

We recently had the privilege of working on a significant project at a government defense office building that showcased the importance of Global Wrap's interior protection solutions. The task was to install our temporary suspended ceilings, effectively safeguarding the office from the dust and debris that typically accompanies a re-roofing project.

The project presented several challenges, particularly the need for a quick turnaround. Being a high security facility, our OSHA certified workers had to be approved for background checks prior to arriving to the site. Understanding the importance of minimal disruption, we quickly mobilized our team and resources down to the facility, and were able to efficiently install our system on short notice.

Additionally, ensuring dust and debris containment was a major challenge. Our specialized interior protection system ensured that the office environment remained clean and conductive for the staff to carry out their daily tasks without any disruptions throughout the re-roofing process.

Plastic Re-Roofing interior protection

Plastic Indoor Protection

Interior Protection plastic installed for office


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