Location : Charleston, WV

Duration : One Week

Application: Shrink Wrap Dome

Sq ft. : 13,600

Recently we installed our proprietary wrap system over the dome of a state capital building being restored. The sides of the dome tower were tarped with the conventional grommet tarps. A tornado came through the area tearing the tarps off, however Global Wrap remained tight. The contractor is now having Global Wrap its system around the tower.

​​​Global Wrap also shrink wrap buildings, scaffolding, as well as install temporary curtain walls, dust barrier walls to keep the ambient temperature for concrete pours. We also shrink wrap roof decks when the roofing contractors cannot meet the winter schedule.Over Global Wrap’s 42 years of developing shrink wrap and environmental system, we set the pace for all other shrink wrap companies try to emulate, we invented the process, 1978, and are the originators of shrink wrapping large objects in North America and internationally.