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Global Wrap® Designed and Installed Silica Dust Containment System to Protect a Manufacturing Plant

Project Size : 25,000 sq.ft.

Project Duration : 2 Weeks

Location : Morgantown, PA

Job Challenge

Global Wrap® was called into a manufacturing facility that was going robotics for the assembly of the product. In order to do this, the existing concrete deck had to be removed to pour a thicker deck to accommodate the robotic equipment needed. The retrofit called for 25,000 sq. ft. of concrete to be broken up and disposed of, without any of the Silica Dust leaking out into the rest of the plant. Production continued outside the Silica Dust containment, saving the client many thousands of dollars.

The Solution

Global Wrap® met with the client and designed a Class 1 Environmental Containment - Silica Dust Containment System to meet the challenge. The Global Wrap® Silica Dust Containment System© was irregularly shaped and high enough to allow the crew and equipment the working space to work within. Using 7 mil, fire retardant reinforced film and cabling, this project was completed in two days to meet the client’s needs and schedule. Over its 38-year history, Global Wrap® has met the challenge to design and install Class 1 containments for many markets including industrial, airports, chemical plants, medical facilities, and others. We also install temporary dust barrier walls.

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