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Global Wrap®

Pays for Itself

No More Tarps Blowing in the Wind

We all know the problems of the winter winds destroying the tarps and this can happen two or three times a winter.


Global Wrap® FleX-Walls© are made of the thickest film on the market.  The film stays  drum-tight against the structure, unlike tarps that flap in the wind..

Add Up the Hidden Costs of Tarp Failure, Labor, New Tarps, and Schedule Delays

How much are the tarps, the labor to reinstall them and more importantly, the delays that back up the critical path and the interest on the construction loans that continue no matter what.

Global Wrap®  crews can install our FleX-Walls© faster than tarps can go up with rope, cables and 2” x 4”s. 

Fast to Install

Global Wrap® FleX-Walls© are made of the thickest film on the market, and it becomes thicker after the heat is applied, making it even stronger.  The film stays  drum-tight against the structure, unlike tarps that flap in the wind. Another befit is Global Wrap® has no open seams like tarps to rip open.

Withstands High Winds

Welded Seams, No Leakage

Global Wrap® film fuses together when heat is applied, this stops the problem tarps have of the seams tearing open and exposing the interior to the elements.

Attractive Appearance

When you see tarps blowing around in the winds, one story or twenty five stories up, you think of failure, and less than a professional solution to winter protection.  Global Wrap® is drum-tight, white and pleasing to the public’s eye.

Global Wrap® crews are made up of experienced supervisors overseeing well trained and safety minded crews across America and Canada. The company prides itself on its safety record and repeat customers.

Professional Crews

Global Wrap's system helps keep the critical path on schedule, proving again that Global Wrap® pays for itself

Global Wrap®  Builds for the Future and Appreciates its Clients

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