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Global Wrap®’s Temporary Curtain Walls Kept the Project on its Critical Path to Completion.

Project Overview

The scope called for each floor to be protected from the winter elements in order to keep the trades working in the interior, installing the stud walls, electrical, AC/Heating units and finally the dry wall.​

Project Size

Thirty Four Floors

Project Duration

60 Days


The project was on a critical path that demanded that all trades complete their work on schedule.  Until Global Wrap® developed its wall system, tarps  were traditionally used for winter protection, as a temporary building envelope to work in sub-freezing temperatures.  


Global Wrap® introduced the General Contractor to its system of temporary curtain walls, drum-tight, fire retardant, seamless and recyclable.  The walls went up quickly and stayed secure during high winds and snow throughout the winter.


It is accepted in the construction industry that tarps fail in high winds and have to be replaced, resulting in hidden costs for materials, labor and heat loss, as well as schedule delays. 

"Global Wrap's system helped keep the critical path on schedule, proving again that Global Wrap® pays for itself. "

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