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Global Wrap® 's Temporary Building Helped the Client Keep Construction Going Throughout the Winter in the Midwest. 

Project Overview

The clients were building six small single-story buildings and were on the fourth one when they decided not to shut down for two months due to winter weather.  They commissioned Global Wrap® to design and install their temporary buildings using scaffolding and their 12 mil shrink film to create an external building the smaller permanent building could be constructed inside of.

Project Size

36,500 sq. ft.

Project Duration

One month


Global Wrap® worked with the engineers to design a rigid framework that when shrink wrapped, provided a way to keep heat in and construction continuing.


Global Wrap® kept the client working throughout the winter, saving many thousands of dollars by avoiding delays in the critical path to completion. Rate of production was almost compared with summer work due to the heat being kept in the structure.

"Very impressed with Global Wrap’s ingenuity and determination to complete the project under harsh weather conditions."

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