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Global Wrap® Installed the Unique and Proprietary Temporary Dust Barrier Wall with the Recyclable Shrink Film on a Distribution Plant. 

Project Size

29,500 sq. ft.

Project Duration

One week


The contractor needed to pour concrete in sub-freezing temperatures area by area in a distribution plant.


Global Wrap® installed their flexible temporary dust barrier wall, with the recyclable shrink film manufactured to the company’s specifications. The wall was 45’H x 750’L and was completed in less than a week.


Global Wrap® temporary dust barrier walls eliminate the need for a rigid wall of plywood, which would have cost the client a great deal more money than using Global Wrap’s Flexible wall. Global Wrap® then provided a concrete barrier to stop any damage to the wall by forklifts.

"We really appreciate Global Wrap’s dedication to service and how they can adapt to scope changes on the spot.  That’s why they do all our dust barrier walls across the nation."

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