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Global Wrap® has led the way in weather protection in the construction industry for over thirty-seven years. The company invented the process of shrink wrapping new buildings, roof decks and scaffolding. We have assigned this new trade work to the Carpenter’s Union for almost five years now.Global Wrap® has been working with Carpenters Locals nationwide and is proud to have Global Wrap® signatory to the Carpenters. Shrink Wrapping is no longer a Specialty Trade that made the union accept any shrink wrap contractor on a union site.


Business Agents can put a stop to non-union shrink wrap companies taking the work by informing the General Contractor that the Carpenters through Global Wrap® have been assigned this work. This is a win-win for the Brotherhood and for Global Wrap®. The company is a Woman Business Enterprise, WBE, which many times is an added plus to contractors for choosing Global Wrap®. The company’s safety EMR for 2016-17 is 0.76 and Global Wrap® claims it is because of the Carpenters doing the work. We are convinced that the benefits of using Carpenters include their safety training, education, responsibility to the union, and the know-how with power tools and their applications. People working out of pickup trucks don’t offer the contractor these qualities and the low price tag can become very costly with only one accident. 


Global Wrap® and the Carpenter’s Union can build this new trade together.The new brochures will be sent to each Regional Council in United State and Canada for Business Agents to hand out to the General Contractors. 

Thank you for choosing Global Wrap® to be a part of Carpenter Union, and looking forward to building new trade together across United States and Canada.

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