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Swedesboro, NJ - Food Manufacturing Plant - Temporary Dust Barrier Walls

Category: Food Manufacturing

Size: 4,400 Square Feet

Job Story:

In our latest project, we were tasked with installing interior protection temporary dust barrier walls to keep a food manufacturing plant running while new equipment was installed in part of the production area.

This project posed several challenges, the first one being time. Our team was required to get our walls up as quickly as possible, and we were able to have everything installed in just two days. Another challenge was ensuing that no dust or debris contaminated the remaining production area, allowing operations to continue. Our dust barrier walls were able to accomplish this, successfully segregating the construction area from the rest of the food facility.

In addition to the quick installation of our dust barrier walls, we were also presented with a couple unique requests for this project. Two fire safety doors were incorporated into our dust barrier walls to enhance safety measures. Along with these fire safety doors, we also installed a large 12x14 roll-up door to allow the new equipment to be brought into the installation area while keeping the operational area protected from dust and debris.

This project serves as a prime example of Global Wrap's core mission: safeguarding your project, minimizing disruptions, and prioritizing safety and efficiency.


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