How to avoid construction delays caused by adverse weather - Discover why you need a weatherproof strategy for your site

October 22, 2018


Winter is no doubt the most challenging season for the construction industry. High winds, snow, sleet and ice work against the critical path of a project.



According to one study, severe weather reduces productivity on a jobsite on average of 7 percent. For construction companies, that large of a drop in productivity in just one project has the potential to creating huge cost overruns and delays.





According to McKinsey & Company’s 2016 piece on Construction’s Digital Future, large capital projects are typically 20 months late, and 80% over the original authorized budget. 






  • Labor cost overruns

  • Material cost overruns

  • Equipment rental overruns

  • Disruption of cash flow due to time extensions and interest payments




Weatherproof your project through Global Wrap® Temporary Curtain Walls - FleX-Walls©  


Global Wrap® 's Temporary Curtain Walls - FleX-Walls© are used in the construction industry to keep the heat in and the harsh winter elements out. The objective is to keep the trades working during four weather and keep the critical path on target. 

Global Wrap® installs FleX-Walls© floor by floor, which enables the glaziers to cut away a section at a time to install the permanent curtain walls section by section each working day and to seal off at night. The FleX walls© withstand high winds and are installed once, unlike tarps that fail many times during high winds and add to the hidden cost of the project. 

Please give us your containment problems, we will give you the solution.We serve US and Canada






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