How to mitigate the cost of construction delays

August 17, 2020


Plan Ahead, Mitigate The Cost Of Construction Delays


Weather is one of the top three reasons for schedule delays and interrupting the Critical Path in the construction industry, costing billions of dollars each year in the US to contractors and owners. 

  • Interest payments continue during delays

  • Labor cost overrun 

  • Material cost overrun

  • Heating Fuel cost overrun

  • Overhead cost overrun

  • Disruption of cash flow due to time extension


Why choose Global Wrap 


We installed our FleX-Walls© floor by floor, which allows the glaziers to remove a section of the FleX-Wall© and install the permanent glass curtain walls section by section each working day. This system keeps the heat in the structure and the trades working through the winter.



The wall was installed to keep an ambient temperature for the concrete pours and it withstood wind gusts over 50 mph. 





Please give us your containment problems, we will give you the solution ! Call for a site visit and quote - 800-927-1816






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