Keep your projects on time, on budget

When taking on a major business expansion project, such as the construction of a new facility, there are steps to be considered beyond the design and build stages. A major construction project is an investment in the future and it requires extensive planning to avoid cost over runs and delays to achieve the critical path to the projected completion date and budget. It is these hidden costs of a project, I would like to bring to your attention.

I am writing to introduce you to our stop gap company that can assist in avoiding schedule delays and cost overruns due to environment conditions.

1. Risk Management

Planning ahead in protecting the work environment during harsh weather conditions is the expertise of Global Wrap: “We invented the process to install temporary building envelopes that keep expensive heat in and the trades working during snow falls, high winds and rain. We can wrap the entire building, scaffolding, roof decks and install dust barriers for a protected work environment.

2. Avoid costly Construction delays

When the construction Critical Path is interrupted, getting it back on track requires the hidden costs not in the estimates such as labor cost increases, concrete pour delays and other contractors held up while the unexpected is corrected.

3. Cost Overruns

Labor, materials, equipment rental, disruption of cash flow, change orders due to time extensions all become an additional hurdle in getting the project back on track.

Global Wrap. Inc, can help keep your projects on time, on budget, and provide a safe work environment. Please visit our website and call us 215-439-8807 to discuss your project needs. You give us your problems and we will give you the solutions.