Do You Know Global Wrap Invented the Shrink Wrapping of Scaffolding ?

In 1994, Global Wrap® introduced the system for shrink wrapping scaffolding with its 12 mil, drum-tight, fire retardant, seamless and Recyclable film.

Safety-Weather Protection

Global Wrap® works only with scaffolding companies that the need for engineering the scaffolding for total encapsulation to withstand high winds.

Class 1 Environmental Containment

Global Wrap® designs and installs Class 1 Environmental Containments to keep hazardous particulates from escaping out into the environment during abatement projects.


Global Wrap® shrink-wrap can also solve problems associated with mandatory screening to protect the public from falling debris during restoration and construction projects. It’s opaque white film can shield the work going on within the containment from public view.

Nationwide and Canadian Service

Only Global Wrap® can meet all the containment needs of contractors and do it safely using the Best Methods and OSHA trained technicians.

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