10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Global Wrap® Dust Containment System

Global Wrap® Dust Containment Systems© is the solution for dust containments during construction retrofitting, reconstruction and renovations. We design and build onsite, the most difficult dust containments in the industry.

The Global Wrap® Dust Containment Systems© contains and isolates work area which produces the dust or overspray, keeps dust away from and off of your surrounding products, machinery and facility, protects the public from breathing in the particles.

  1. Class 1 Environmental Containments

  2. Environmentally Friendly - Recyclable Materials

  3. Flame Retardant, Waterproof

  4. Allows Natural Light Penetration

  5. Excellent Dust Barrier

  6. Turnkey Solution

  7. Cost Effective

  8. Used in all Weather Conditions

  9. Critical Path to Success

  10. Used in Multiple Industries