This system was developed for encapsulating a damaged roof or during new construction when the new permanent roof is delayed, film can act as a vapor barrier.

New Construction

Global Wrap® developed the process for shrink wrapping roof decks.  Contractors use Global Wrap® when the new roof cannot be installed on time, but the work below must continue.  When the new roof is ready to be installed, the film can be left in place and used as the vapor barrier-- if approved by the architects and the roofing consultant. This saves the client the costs of additional materials and labor, but the biggest benefit of Global Wrap® is keeping the project on its critical path to completion.  

Disaster Roof Containments

When a hurricane hits, the insurance industry depends on Global Wrap®. There are never enough roofing companies to meet the demand. Global Wrap® is the answer to this problem. We mitigate the loss by stopping the water from pouring in, so the drying out of the interior can begin. Many times we keep the client’s business running while waiting for the new roof to be installed.

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