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shrink wrap buildings

Shrink Wrap Buildings

Global Wrap® is the original shrink wrap company, that invented the shrink wrap process which provides a drum-tight, seamless, fire retardant weather containment for steel and concrete structures.


suspended ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

Global Wrap's Suspended Ceilings to contain dust and debris during reroofing projects are now a common specification.


disaster services

Disaster Service

Global Wrap® has taken the company into the earthquake devastated areas of Armenia and Iran. Global Wrap® has been involved in the recovery of every major hurricane since 1994.


International Conference Center




 When the dome began to leak at the International Conference Center, it caused plaster to fall forty five feet down onto the delegates attending-- the center was closed until a solution to fix the problem was found. Global Wrap® was called in and immediately went to work shrink wrapping the entire dome, and completed the job in five days. Global Wrap® mitigated the loss and stopped the damage, allowing the center to reopen.   

40,000 Square Footage

International Airport

Interior Protection



The roof of the airport terminal needed replacing as dust and debris falling into the terminal was a large concern while the roof was being torn off. Global Wrap’s Interior Protection Division installed its UL tested Break Away System to contain the entire 68,000 square feet of ceiling area to solve the problem and keep the terminal operating.  The Break Away System allows for the seams of the sheets to break open in the event of a fire, allowing the heat to rise and activate the sprinkler systems. The installation was completed in less than seven days and kept the roofing contractor on schedule.

68,000 Square Footage

Casino and Entertainment Complex

Temporary Curtain Walls / Building Envelopes


Global Wrap® spent all winter on this project, which was the largest of its kind on the east coast. Each section of the complex needed to be enclosed for concrete pours and then for interior work. As the steel went up Global Wrap® encapsulated the structures, some 45’ in height and a city block long.  Other scopes of work called for sections of the structures starting at 10’H and going up to 45’H.  The wind was a constant factor to overcome with the riverside location, but Global Wrap® kept the contractor on its critical path to completion.  This contractor has used Global Wrap’s services for over twenty years.

130,000 Square Footage



Compare the hidden costs of tarps failing from high winter winds and you will see why Global Wrap®  pays for itself. Consider the labor costs, new tarps and scheduled delays from the loss of the ambient temperature needed for the concrete pours. It has been proven that interior production remains as high in the winter as summer with the building wrapped.


Global Wrap® enclosure systems keep the contractor on its critical path to completion when inclement weather is a key factor.  By using the Global Wrap® building wrap system or the temporary curtain wall system, the schedule has a more professional and higher rate of success than tarps blowing in the wind. These systems keep the heat in and the concrete pours and interior production on schedule. The company has proven this to contractors since 1993. 


Global Wrap® crews are safe, highly trained in their profession and responsible. The company invented the process and continues to improve the many applications the process has been used in. All materials are of the highest standard and our Safety EMR 0.76 is something we deeply value and work to improve on year after year.       


As a member of US Green Building Council, Global Wrap® uses recyclable materials and commits to establishing, promoting, maintaining and improving a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility by staff, vendors, and broader stakeholders in the environment.

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