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Types of projects that benefit from Interior Protection?

Particulate and debris protection during re-roofing projects, retro fits, concrete pours, renovations, all projects that cannot allow dust or debris penetration into clean areas of production.


Does Global Wrap work internationally?

Global Wrap works throughout the U.S., Canada, and travels to complete projects overseas. 


When was Global Wrap’s first  interior protection project?

Global Wrap was the first interior protection company, 1993, seven years before others entered the marketplace. We continue to lead the way for others through our new applications and material development, such as the recyclable EnvironSeam film, used for dust and debris control for ceiling containments. When you see the word Wrap, think of the inventors and industry leaders, Global Wrap, we set the pace.


What is EnviroSEAM?

Global Wrap®s EnviroSEAM© is the interior protection industries first recyclable, environmentally friendly product obtained the UL723S approval. 


Where are the contaminants installed?

Global Wrap installs the ceiling contaminants below the sprinkler systems. If the client needs the containment to be above the sprinklers, we can also perform this difficult work. 

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