Global Wrap® continues to develop interior protection systems. Our new suspened cover breaks away in the event of a fire and allows the heat to rise and activate the sprinkler heads.  We have the solution and now you can have competitive bids for this type of containment.


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Global Wrap® represents Fall Proof Networks Systems, Inc. While we install debris netting, we represent Fall Proof for Safety Netting


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Over 96% of suspended covers or ceiling containments installed to catch the  dust and debris that falls down during a reroofing project are installed below the truss systems and sprinklers

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                    Global Wrap® Inc.,                "WE INVENTED THE PROCESS", 35 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE  

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Global Wrap® Interior Protection provides a drum-tight ceiling containment that is professionally installed by crews that have experience in installing over 10,000,000 sq.ft. of ceiling suspended covers.  They are treated with respect at Global Wrap® because of their expertise and their safety records.  We pride ourselves on not only the installations and their site specific scopes, but also for the aesthetics and our ability to give the customer a sense of knowing they chose the right company for the installation in their facility.   We take on the difficult and tough jobs that the competition walks away from or tries and fails to install. Our 35 Years of experience proves our success in the multitude of job scopes we have completed safely.

                                                  Suspended Covers / Ceiling Drapes / Ceiling Containments
                                                                             Above or Below The Sprinkler Heads
Many times there are no specifications for the interior protection, let alone if it has to be above the sprinkler heads to meet the local fire codes, but this is an all important question especially for bidding a job.  It takes half the time to install a suspended cover under the truss system than install it sheet by sheet above the sprinkler heads and  between the trusses.  Missing this point could cost you the contract, or a stop order by the fire marshal.  Please take the time to find the answer to this question so you and Global Wrap® are bidding apples to apples. Our Global Wrap® Break Away System© will be introduced this July

Above Sprinklers

In 2000, we installed the first ceiling containment above the sprinkler systems for Nabisco in Philadelphia, PA.  No break away system claims can ensure complete sprinkler clearance in the rare case of a fire during a reroofing project.

Dust barrier walls can be installed with two types of materials, both fire retardant, but both much different one another.  Global Wrap uses a 12mil, fire retardant shrink film, which gives a drum-tight wall that can withstand more abuse than the 6mil reinforced poly Quick Wall.  We will fully explain the benefits of both.

Global Wrap® provides a cleaning service to prevent dust and debris from falling down into production areas, being circulated through the A/C and heating ducts. Our technicians are prepared to accomplish the cleaning of these difficult to reach areas in a Best Procedure manner to complete the work in a safe and productive manner.

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