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​​Global Wrap®Inc.  First In Safety - First In Design - First In Delivery

FACTS:  When you see a company with the word "Wrap" in their name, interior protection or shrink wrap
               as their business, know that they all are honoring Global Wrap

1.   First Shrink Wrap Company in the World, 1980
2.   First to Shrink Wrap Boats 1980
3.   First Boat Shrink Wrap Distribution Company 1980

​4.   First to Shrink Wrap a Ship 1982

5.   First to Shrink Wrap Aircraft 1988

6.   First Disaster Shrink Wrap Company 1988

7.   First to Shrink Wrap Roofs 1993

8.   First to Shrink Wrap Buildings 1993 

9.   First to Shrink Wrap Scaffolding 1993

10. First Interior Protection Company 1993

Global Wrap
® History
Tony Seraphin started the first shrink wrap company with his father in law, James Talbot, who held the patent for shrink wrapping boats in 1980 and the shrink wrapping of aircraft in 1988.  In 1993 he started Global Wrap® and invented the shrink wrapping of buildings, roof decks, and scaffolding.  Global Wrap® was also the first interior protection company, 1993.  The proliferation of "Wrap" companies is a tribute to Global Wrap's leadership, innovations and pioneering of market penetration to make the shrink wrapping of objects and interior protection a new trade, honored by the carpenters union, leading building contractors and the insurance industry. Global Wrap® has introduced their systems worldwide.

What Does Global Wrap® Do? 

Exterior Containments / Interior Protection / Interior Protection Systems / Shrink Wrap Buildings / Shrink Wrap Roofs / Shrink Wrap Scaffolding / Temporary Curtain Walls / Dust Barrier Walls

We invented the process for shrink wrapping buildings and scaffolding, as well as the shrink wrapping of roof decks, both for new construction and after a disaster damages them.  We install temporary walls for environmental abatements or winter construction. We shrink wrap buildings from the exterior of the structure, or we install temporary curtain walls floor by floor.  We the best in interior protection systems, including two types of  Dust BarrierWwalls for internal uses for retro fits and expansions.  We eliminated the problems of tarps blowing in the wind.  Global Wrap® also specializes in interior protection, dust and debris barriers, temporary enclosures, curtain walls, and ceiling containments dust and debris from a re-roofing project. We also provide high structure cleaning for dust and debris. We are known for Class 1 Environmental Containments for lead and asbestos abatements. We also are well respected by the insurance industry for disaster containments after hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and industrial disasters strikes. GW also shrink wraps aircraft and heavy machinery for storage or shipment.

What Markets Do We Work In?  

New Construction, Environmental Abatements, Demolition, Natural Disasters, Petrochemical, Nuclear Energy, Off Shore, Aerospace, Military, Food Processing Plants.

What are Global Wrap® Films ?

Exterior Containments /
Shrink Wrap Buildings / Shrink Wrap Roofs / Environmental Containments

The shrink wrap process that gives you a True Class 1 Environmental Containment, which is drum-tight, seamless, and fire retardant.  Our 12 mil shrink wrap cover withstands high winds better than tarps and can last a year, or more in the sun. Global Wrap® shrink film is the highest grade produced in the U.S. Our film is recycled into construction film, trash bags and other plastic sheeting.  The film is fire retardant, and the thickest in production today. Global Wrap is 12 mils, anyone claiming higher than that should produce a material data sheet from the manufacturer to prove their claim.

Interior Protection Systems / Suspended Ceilings Dust Barrier /  Dust Barrier Systems / Temporary Dust Barrier Walls 
We offer two types of dust barrier walls. Global Wrap
®  uses 6 mil, Fire Retardant, Reinforced poly and a system that has improved safety and production.  We also install our 12mil, fire retardant shrink wrap walls when advisable.  Global Wrap installs debris netting designed for the specific needs of the project.  .

Who Is Global Wrap® ?
We are a WBE, with dedicated associates that strive to keep us the leaders in the development of interior and exterior containments.   We invented the shrink wrapping of buildings, scaffolding and roof decks.  We were the first shrink wrap company that designs and installs its systems and the Army borrowed our process for shrink wrapping aircraft. We were the first interior protection company focusing on interior protection systems for dust and debris control, as well as the shrink wrapping of new structures for the construction industry to work through the winter. Management has over 35 years experience in developing containment systems. Global Wrap® continues to develop systems to use shrink wrap in an ever growing field of industries, including interior protection, for re-roofing. Global Wrap® has a formidable customer list in the industrial, construction and environmental markets. We are also well respected for our disaster applications for the Insurance industry, nationally and internationally.  We have earned the right to claim we are the experts in containment applications and are also the leading shrink wrap contractor and interior protection contractor.

Who Installs Global Wrap® ?

Global Wrap® only uses their own trained crews, to insure quality, safety and consistency. All GW technicians have various OSHA Safety Training and have worked in high security situation.  We hired no one off the street or from temp agencies.  All images on the GW website are contracts completed by GW crews.
this is very important for safety and quality control.

Safety Record EMR Rating 
Global Wrap is proud of our safety record and our EMR of 0.79.  Any number higher than 1 cannot work in the Fortune 500 companies.  

Where Have We Worked?

Throughout the United States, Canada, Central America, Europe, and the Mid-East. 

Global Wrap Website

Global Wrap® is very proud of the work we do and we believe our enthusiasm shows in our quality. All our images on our website are contracts completed by Global Wrap®crews. We use no labor agencies or hire off the street at job sites.

Global Wrap® Insurance

$1Mil Each Occurrence GL / $2Mil Gen Aggregate / $2Mil Product Liability/ $5Mil Umbrella / $1 Mil Auto Liability, including schedule, hired, and non-ow


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