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​Global Wrap® invented the process for shrink wrapping roofs and buildings. From the OKC Bombing, to Hurricane Katrina, Global Wrap has been there to mitigate the loss and assist in the recovery process after a disaster strikes.

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Global Wrap® was the first interior protection company, installing protection dust barriers of over 200,000sf at Macy’s on Long Island in 1993. Since then we have pioneered the installation of ceiling drapes,  both above and below the sprinkler heads to capture dust and debris during re-roofing projects.  


                  Global Wrap®Inc.          "WE INVENTED THE PROCESS",  34 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE
                                                                          A NATIONWIDE CONTAINMENT COMPANY

Since 1978, Tony Seraphin has been the innovator, patented designer and vocal leader within the environmental containment industry, always advancing a culture of safety, innovation and design, Global Wrap provides over 34 Years of installation experience for protecting the worker and critical path of a project from inclement weather, or environmental hazardous particles from asbestos and lead abatements, worldwide. We also lead the way in Interior Protection, being the first to install ceiling and wall ontainments in 1993. Whether shrink wrapping a thirty story steel structure for winter to keep the trades working or protecting the production lines of America’s leading food manufacturers during re-roofing projects, Global Wrap continues to lead the way and meet the demands of an ever changing market place for containments.   


Global Wrap® has been designing and installing environmental containments since 1993.  The company has worked in power and chemical plants that need containments for asbestos or lead abatement projects, as well as installing domes for soil reclamation.

The company’s management has been designing and installing shrink wrap containments for over 34 years.  Global Wrap® invented the process for shrink wrapping buildings, scaffolding and roof decks, as well as the first temporary curtain walls.  The company keeps the trades working during inclement weather. Forget tarps in the wind.

​​​"Safety Begins At The Top"
 Global Wrap
® Management
"We Pride Ourselves on our Safety Record"



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 “We Invented The Process” 35 Years of Experience
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​Global Wrap®'s philosophy on safety is very clear and precise, safety protects lives. Global Wrap's commitment to safety, on and off the site, ensures the client that they have a contractor that is not going to fail to meet any site specific safety program.  Our EMR is 0.79.  Beware of companies with multiple state reports that hide accidents


Mr. Seraphin shrink wrapped the first aircraft for the U. S. Army in 1984, since then Global Wrap® has been brought in by companies and various military organizations, including the Royal Air Force to wrap aircraft for shipping or storage.  The company also is contracted to shrink wrap large objects to protect them for overland shipping.


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